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There's a myriad of Self-Defense items to choose from, each having an individual feature for protection. We've outlined our top recommendations for self-protection tools that you can carry around in your pockets, purses or in your car.


You are able to do more to defend yourself in an enigmatizing world. You can safeguard yourself by learning how to self defend.

There are many self-defense options available, each offering a different protection feature. Below are our top recommendations for self-defense equipment that to carry in your purse, handbag or car.

Pepper Spray

One of the most common and effective weapons for defense A bottle of pepper spray is small and can easily fit inside your purse. In an emergency situation, all you need to do is spray it directly into the eyes of your attacker. Spraying the spray can cause irritation to the victim's eyes and the skin. It is best to hold it at a distance of about an inch and then spray directly on the victim's face in order in order to flee. Inform the police immediately after this.

Alarm System with Self-Vigilance

There are a variety of personal defenses and at times, we need to rely on others to help. However, in order for them to assist you, you'll first need to notify them that you're in trouble. Many self-defense classes will recommend using the whistle or personal alarm, like this Vigilant Personal Alarm that you can activate when you require help.




Self Defense Knife

The knife is lighter and slimmer than the standard knife. It also is a self-defense tool. The best weapon for self-defense is a tactical knife. In fact in a distance of 20 feet, knives can be much more effective, and fatal than a firearm. Because knives can be used to serve multiple purposes, we like the idea that you should have a knife as a Pepper Sprays.

Aluminum Base Ball Bat

This durable aluminum base ball bat is simple to use and well balanced. A single swing of energy and you'll be able to hit and attack the attacker. It is made of high-quality Maple for greater strength and durability than conventional ash bats. The knob with a tapered design, handle big barrel, as well as the end loaded feel makes it easy for even teenagers. The Teflon Leatherette at the edge gives it a good grip, and also ensures that the bat won't slip out of your hands.

Silver Self Defense Key Cases

This key structured self defense tool measures 5.5-inch and weighs only 2 ounces that does not put stress on your keychain. It is simple to wrap your fingers around it and the keychain loop will ensure complete durability. It is made by hand using lightweight aircraft aluminum which makes it the ideal self defense keychain. You can gift someone to your sister and wife and all the ones you love dearly whose security is important to you. 

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